One key component of LPC–Ignite is that we offer fully accredited college classes. As an extension campus of Life Pacific College in California, LPC–Ignite is Nationally Accredited through ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education) and Regionally through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). That means classes taken at LPC–Ignite are transferable to other colleges.

At the end of your two years you will have earned an accredited Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies, which you can then transfer to other colleges to complete your Bachelors Degree. We currently have graduate LPC–Ignite students who have successfully transferred to Life Pacific College, Regent University and Liberty University. Our students have many options for degree completion!

Students typically take 15 units of classes each semester (averaging to 5 classes a semester). Courses cover General Studies (Math, English, Humanities, History, Science, Philosophy, Bible and Ministry) - from English Composition and Research to the studies of Synoptic Gospels. To see a full list of our courses click here. To see teachers and faculty members click here.

LPC–Ignite students will increase in knowledge biblically and theologically

  • Students will be able to address current affairs and global issues from a biblical and theological perspective
  • Students will be able to present theological themes throughout Scripture
  • Students will be able to identify major characters with historical placement throughout Scripture
  • Students will be able to study the Bible and prepare presentations from an inductive method of research

LPC–Ignite students will gain an education in General Studies from a Christian Worldview

  • Students will acquire communication skills both in speaking and writing rooted in Christian perspective
  • Students will develop skills in academic research
  • Students will learn how to take a stand on any given issue from a biblical, theological, historical and practical perspective
  • Students will learn the value and application of technology for the expansion of education and community service