Apply to Be an Intern

What to Expect

Intern (noun): a student or trainee who works at a trade of occupation in order to gain work experience 

When interning under other churches or organizations students can expect to receive high quality in service ministry and marketplace training from well qualified leaders. Interns will be given discipleship experience, insightful learning opportunities, and hands on practice within the church (or business) setting. Our intern partners are all well established individuals within their areas, who have a desire to help teach and grow you to become a better leader and more qualified individual in order to help you succeed. Opportunities include: Youth Internships, Children's ministry internships, Camp, Cafe/business and many others. Each internship will be different but students can all expect to be stretched, grown, and trained in a more decisive way because of the vast array of experiences which they will take part in. 

What Is Required

In order to be an intern you must apply! Churches go through an interview/approval process with the different intern applicants - and in this process, you find your place! Each internship will have a different list of expectations for students and each will be run slightly differently. Some may require the student to be full time, others part time - some may want students to live with a host family, others may not. Summer internships will require a student to be flexible and hard working. Students who do internships are most likely expected to be a part of: Staff/Volunteer meetings, Strategy Meetings, services, youth group, worship, and ministry leadership. Each internship will have their own specific requirements and expectations. 


When applying for an internship remember that you are not only applying for a position - but you are asking for a group of leaders and a church to invest in you. Their time, effort, work, and ministry will be a formative part of your developmental process. When considering internships, consider the things which you love, hate, want to grow in, or are strong in. What you put in is what you will get out - work hard, and you will reap the reward, work little and you will struggle. These internships provide you with incredible relationship opportunities, and because of that - future opportunities when you are looking for employment or references post-graduation.