We believe that the character of a student is just as important as their academic success.  Discipleship and mentoring are two values that we seek to implement into everyday life at LPC–Ignite.  Through ministry teams, outreaches, daily devotions, and one-on-one mentoring, students will be challenged and strengthened in their personal lives.  We want our student’s collegiate experience to be more than just receiving a diploma, but to develop character that is founded on Biblical truth and the love of Jesus.  We are convinced that there is direct correlation between establishing one’s Life-Mission and the development of personal life disciplines.  By teaching and encouraging our students, we hope to train emerging leaders who not only have the head knowledge of doctrine but the heart for ministry. 


LPC–Ignite seeks to see students grow in  personal character that is Christ centered and Holy Spirit led

  • Students will develop a pattern for personal daily devotions 
  • Students will learn to live and learn in a covenantal community
  • Students will practice accountability with one another in regard to established standards for learning and life on campus
  • Students will be encouraged to reach out and care for one another 

LPC–Ignite develops ministry and leadership skills

  • Students will learn to analyze, make adjustments, and advance the completion of any given task
  • Students will be given opportunity to develop public speaking and ministry skills
  • Students will be given opportunity to lead small groups on outreaches and community projects
  • Students will learn to resolve relationship tensions and implement a course of action toward health and strength