I know with my two kids going to LPC–Ignite that not only are they being taught God’s word but are also being taught how to give God’s love, to show God’s love, and to be the hands and feet of God by serving others. LPC–Ignite raises up young leaders to grow in knowledge, wisdom and the love of God. Thanks, LPC–Ignite.
— Kelley Gaskin

Frequently Asked Questions By Parents

Are the classes accredited?

  • Because LPC–Ignite is an extension campus of Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California, all classes are accredited regionally with WASC and nationally with ABHE.
  • The LPC–Ignite program, and extension campus of Life Pacific College, is certified by the State of Virginia Council on Higher Education.
  • Professors who hold Master’s and/or Doctoral Degrees are teaching all classes
  • Professors must have at least 18 graduate level course hours in the disciplines/subjects they are teaching.

Is Federal Financial aid available?

  • With regional and national accreditation, and with State of Virginia certification, the US Board of Education also certifies all classes taught on the LPC–Ignite campus. Therefore, yes, Federal Financial Aid is available. 
  • Students must create with parent assistance, a FAFSA file.  Go to (NOT .com)
  • When applying for FAFSA funding, be sure to look for and list Life Pacific College as the college of choice.
  • There are numerous grant and loan options for parents and students.

What does campus security look like?

  • The campus is well lit at night.
  • There are security cameras throughout the campus that record with movement 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • The dorms require a key fob for entry. Every fob is registered with each student, and every entry is recorded and can be cross-referenced with security footage.
  • The President of LPC–Ignite, the Student and Campus Relations Coordinator (his wife) live less than five minutes from the campus, and the CrossPointe Manager lives on the campus property as well.

Are there any scholarships available?

  • Because of the highly discounted tuition rate, every student who attends LPC–Ignite receives what should be considered an academic scholarship.
  • Foursquare Women have a scholarship program for future women leaders.
  • The Mid-Atlantic District of Foursquare has a scholarship program for students who come from their district.
  • Of course there are numerous scholarships available to students through a multiple list of choices.

How are students being prepared for life experiences beyond church ministry?

  • The rigorous class, discipleship, community service and church schedule prepares our students for what real life will look like with all the cares and busyness of the world.
  • Students are involved in a various amount of activities with several different organizations, where they are exposed to varying leadership and organizational structures and experiences.