Spend ten minutes in a room with LPC–Ignite students and your heart and soul will begin to burn! Their passion for God and heart for serving the church and reaching the world is red hot and highly contagious.
— Amos Dodge

Frequently Asked Questions By Pastors

What are the placement opportunities for students finishing LPC–Ignite?

  • Every semester pastors, churches, and Para-church ministries contact LPC–Ignite looking for interns for the summer or for when graduates complete the program.
  • LPC–Ignite is partnering with the Foursquare National Church Office for the placement and funding of 4th Year students (seniors) into residency programs around the United States.
  • In five years, LPC–Ignite students (graduates) have established a reputation for being “ministry ready” and therefore have done well in being accepted into education programs, or hired into church settings.

How are students being prepared to be “ministry ready”?

  • First and second year students are being given weekly opportunities to serve.  The reports and testimonies that come in weekly from churches and community organizations regarding the high level of service minded students is humbling.
  • Third Year students are on campus, while completing their Bachelor’s Degrees through on-line programs, and serving as campus res-life, ministry team leaders.
  • Fourth year students who remain on campus serve in residency as interns but oversee, develop and implement a ministry or service function.  Fourth year students who move off the campus are also able to serve in residency at a Foursquare church in the nation.
  • With strong conviction, LPC–Ignite students are ministry ready!

What involvement does the local church have with students who go off to LPC–Ignite?

  • A huge concern and commitment of the LPC–Ignite leadership, is that students who attend LPC–Ignite must keep contact and involvement with their local sending church.
  • Several class assignments require the involvement of church leadership for the completion of the assignment.  For example, the final Discipleship research paper requires input of local church leadership, so the student writes a paper that is reflective of their home church environment.
  • Pastors and/or their designate are welcome on campus anytime and are quite often invited to speak at our weekly chapel if enough advance notice is available.

What global mission experiences do the LPC–Ignite students have?

  • Every Spring LPC–Ignite students travel on a global mission team.
  • In five years, LPC–Ignite students have traveled to over 20 different countries.
  • In every mission experience, LPC–Ignite partners with Foursquare
  • We collaborate with Missions International, which works with missionaries or national leaders of Foursquare already within the country.

Are students encouraged to look for ministry placement in the region or community they came from?

  • Absolutely! The four District Supervisors from the Eastern section of the United States serve on the Board of Directors of LPC–Ignite.
  • LPC–Ignite students are regularly given opportunity to serve at District functions, weekend church services, and other events from within their home districts.
  • With the new residency program being developed by the National Church Office, students will be encouraged to apply for residencies within their home church and/or districts.

Can a pastor come on campus and recruit for internships or ministry positions?

  • Every pastor is invited on campus to visit, to recruit, sometimes to speak if the schedule allows.
  • The only request we have is that pastors respect our (and quite often the parent’s) desire for students to complete their education experience.