LPC–Ignite has provided me with an up-beat, mind-stimulating learning environment
to better develop my mind and heart for the ministry that God has called me to.
— Micah Waters

Frequently Asked Questions By Students

What are classes like?

  • All classes are 15 week, traditional semester classes.
  • Some of the classes are considered hybrid classes where a Professor teaches a week long intensive, followed up with 14 weeks of on-line discussion.
  • All classes use Moodle as an educational resource for storing and accessing lectures, assignments and discussion boards.
  • Professors who hold Master’s and/or Doctoral Degrees teach all classes, and with no less than 18 graduate class credits in the discipline/subject they are teaching.
  • All classes are college level, with college level difficulty.
  • All classes are regionally accredited through WASC and nationally accredited through ABHE.         

What is campus life like?

  • The campus is spread out. Check it out on Google Earth!
  • There are activities going on all the time (sports, music, movies, hiking, etc)
  • Every student is assigned to a gender-specific resident life team and various activities are planned throughout the month for res teams.

What about the dorms and food plan?

  • Dorms are incredible. Every dorm, with two students, has its own bathroom.
  • Each floor (boys and girls on different floors) has its own commons area.
  • Each dorm room has its own wall mounted TV… not that anyone stays up late watching it or anything.
  • An option of either a lunch or full meal-plan. The dinner meal-plan includes two meals a day Monday - Saturday and dinner on Sunday, and the lunch meal-plan includes lunch each day Monday - Friday and breakfast on Saturday.

Why is LPC–Ignite more than a traditional college experience?

  • Cost. Be sure to compare apples to apples. A college resident program, with 15 accredited college units per semester, and optional meal plans at a price that can be found here.
  • Solid Christian/Biblical emphasis with daily devotions.
  • Solid discipleship and mentoring structure.
  • Weekly community service projects: loving the community you live in.
  • Weekly church involvement and visitation. When not serving in a church, we visit other churches in the community. The goal is for our students to love and appreciate the kingdom of God.

What kind of mission and/or ministry experiences will I be involved in?

  • Every week the res life team will, either alone or teaming up with another res-life team, be assigned to a ministry outreach or community service project.
  • These experiences include working with the homeless, the aged, youth in the community, parks and recreation, food and distribution centers, special needs groups, etc.
  • Each Fall at the end of the semester, we plan an urban missions trip and work with Dream Centers and other urban ministries across the United States.
  • Each Spring, we travel to all corners of the earth on a 20 day missions trip. We plan a wide variety of trips to provide different cultural experiences for you.

What other expectations (rules or policies) are placed upon LPC–Ignite students?

  • We are not anti-tattoo, but we ask that no new tattoos be added in your first two semesters at LPC–Ignite. We have had students away from home for the first time who have decided to get a tattoo while experiencing their new-found freedom. Again, with our discipleship emphasis, we feel something this permanent needs to be decided and talked out with parents.
  • At LPC–Ignite we live in covenantal community, so we agree together on the things that are harmful and/or unsafe for our community and agree together to refrain from them.