Balanced Budget

The philosophy and a foundational value of LPC–Ignite leadership and the Board of Directors, is to keep the cost of a college education as low as possible.  The vast majority of students who attend LPC–Ignite have ministry, community development, social justice and global mission aspirations.  Graduating or continuing on with their education saddled with huge debt runs contrary to our stated value.  Therefore, creative ways of developing excellence in programming while keeping costs low is imperative.

Campus operations are done with excellence while also serving as a training ground for future leaders.  Current students and graduates take opportunity of serving in one of several internships made available.  The staff and executive team are all actively engaged in the training, mentoring and development of our students and graduates to prepare them for a future in ministry and/or the job market.  This commitment to internship quality helps maintain low personnel costs while also preparing students toward their Life-Mission. 

Contributions, grants, student program fees and tuition ensure the sustainability of the organization.  LPC–Ignite operates with a balanced budget under the leadership of the executive team and finance committee of the Board.  The Board approves the annual budget, with progress reports given monthly to the finance committee of the Board and quarterly reports to the full board.  Annually, a complete financial audit is performed by an external accounting firm.