Covenantal Community 

Perhaps the most unique attribute of LPC–Ignite is the close-knit community.  It is in this community that education, training, and equipping exists.  Students not only lean on and learn from one another, but from their leaders who are also intimately involved in their lives.  Though more difficult to display on paper, LPC–Ignite is a community.  Above all, this is the greatest measurement to the success of the program.  Spend one day on campus with our students and it will become readily apparent that LPC–Ignite is different.  This community is not limited to current students, staff and faculty.

Covenantal Community as a descriptive and also a goal speaks to the commitment students, staff and faculty make to one another.  The intensity of the program is not built on policies and procedures, which are extremely important, but rather on a covenant relationship where the best interest of one another is foremost in each other’s mind.  The Covenantal Community as a goal holds to the belief that the Mission of LPC–Ignite to train and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their Life-Mission must emphasize the significant truth of covenantal relationships first with God and then with others.  It states:

As members of the LPC–Ignite community, in committed relationship with one another we will strive for and with intentionality, a covenantal mandate upon the way we live, serve and minister.  We hold as the core values of LPC–Ignite that we will:

Pursue God Together

Prayer – We believe that prayer is to be our first response in everything, including our day.

Scripture – We will search and study God’s Word together, believing that becoming familiar with His voice begins with becoming familiar with His Word.

Devotion – We are committed to not only the reading and studying of God’s Word, but also the meditation on God’s Word throughout our day.

Worship – We believe we were created to worship God and recognize that we were created to be creative in it as an expression of who we are in Christ.

Personal character – We believe that accountability to one another, in our pursuit of God together, is more than an assignment but a personal character building process.

Build Community Together

Selfless perspective – As we learn to be servant leaders we know that means putting the needs and aspirations of others before our own, as we serve the fulfillment of God’s purpose and plan in their lives.

Safe place – We will do our part in making the LPC–Ignite campus a “safe place” free from inappropriate conversations, behaviors, pursuits or activities.

Heart of repentance – we believe that we are all in pursuit of righteousness and desire to live accordingly.  We also recognize the fact that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Therefore we choose to walk in an awareness of our need to repent of our sins and be recipients of the forgiving grace and mercy of God.

Heart of forgiveness – We believe that in the same way we have been forgiven by the grace of God, we must not withhold forgiveness in our own community.

Honor set standards – We believe that rules have been established by both LPC–Ignite and Life not as a means to control but with the hope to create a safe environment conducive for healthy learning and personal growth.

Personal character - We believe that accountability to one another, in our pursuit to build a community together, is more than an assignment, but a personal character building process.

Stay Focused Together

Kingdom living – We believe that we are to grow in kingdom of God perspective in our daily response to challenges, our pursuit of ministry opportunities and in our sensitivity to the Spirit for our daily walk.

Big picture perspective – We want to be “big picture” thinkers never getting caught up in “close proximity” limitations to the grander scheme of God’s purpose and plan for our lives.

Learning and serving before pleasure – We believe that having fun is at the core of everything we do but not at the expense of our commitment to learn and serve.  First things first!  Class time, homework and ministry assignments are valued as priorities with the understanding that personal free and fun time is built in to the schedule as well.

Personal character – We believe that accountability to one another, in our attention to detail and staying focused on the things we are responsible for, is more than an assignment, but a personal character building process.