Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is modeled more than it is taught.  The emphasis for developing servant leaders, as modeled by staff and faculty who are servant leaders, is to bring focus and attention on the value as a leader to serve the interests, discovery and pursuit of an emerging leader’s Life-Mission.

For example, one of the most significant priorities for LPC–Ignite is a low cost tuition.  No matter what a students Life-Mission may be, debt will certainly inhibit their ability to pursue it.  To that end, LPC–Ignite is committed to being the most affordable option for the program that we offer.  That being said, administrative, academic and program elements must be developed and paid for.  Operational excellence takes money but more importantly it takes personnel to administer. 

The servant leadership structure of LPC–Ignite is cyclical.  In other words, an incoming freshman can learn and grow through the organization and eventually serve a class of incoming freshman in the future.  First and second year students are being groomed for vocational and marketplace ministry while earning their AA Degrees in General Studies.  Upon graduation several “third year” internships are made available to graduates who enroll in a degree completion program at any number of colleges and universities.  The benefit to the graduate is they receive a significant discount in student housing while remaining in a collegiate atmosphere and while continuing their education on-line.  LPC–Ignite benefits because graduates from LPC–Ignite who know the program well, remain on campus in Foursquare ministry training while serving the needs of the institution and students.  In 2013 LPC–Ignite added a “fourth year” option for an even more select group of former students of LPC–Ignite.  Part time employment positions as well as Resident Internships through the National Church Office of Foursquare were established for these select former LPC–Ignite students who are enrolled full-time in a degree completion program elsewhere.