Location:  Library West Wing of the Pointe (upper parking lot)

Librarian:  Gary Merriman MLS (Life Pacific College)

Virginia campus librarian: Keith Dawson MLS

The resources in the LPC–Ignite library are made available through the generosity of the Mid-Atlantic District led by Harriet Mouer, LPC–Ignite alumni, and friends. The LPC–Ignite staff is available to help all patrons with finding books and resources.

Class instructors may place books on reserve in the library at the circulation desk (located immediately inside the library entrance). Books can be placed on reserve for one or two hour in-library use only or up to a five-day overnight use.

As an extension campus of Life Pacific all LPC–Ignite Students can also check out any book from the Life Pacific College Library in San Dimas California through the mail. In addition, technological resources will continue to become available to support academic pursuits. Computer stations are available for word processing, email, and research through access to the library catalog, online databases, and other Internet resources.


Library catalogs

Periodical databases

Online library

Online bookstore

Checkouts & Fines

Certain books may not be removed from the Library, including all books from the Reference section. Any student that removes a book from these areas will be charged the full price of the book.

Other Services

  • Copy and printing services are 25 cents per sheet of paper. Students are encouraged to bring a printer with them to campus.
  • A student with a physical and/or learning disability may take his/her exams in the library at no charge with prior approval.
  • Distance learning exams may be administered by an LPC–Ignite staff member at no charge to students.