Mission and Vision

LPC–Ignite exists to educate, train, and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their Life-Mission.


We desire every LPC–Ignite student to:

  • Become deeply rooted in the knowledge of God's Word
  • Increase familiarity with the voice of the Lord
  • Develop an uncompromising desire to walk according to the Holy Spirit
  • Intensify the passion to serve Christ and love for His church


The primary goals and objectives of LPC–Ignite are to:

  • Prepare high school graduates for a life-mission of serving Christ
  • Maintain and operate an academically sound training program for young adults
  • Guide students, faculty, and staff toward Christian academics, discipleship, ministry formation, and global evangelism of the Gospel
  • As an overarching purpose, cooperate with and further the purposes of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

Institutional Goals

LPC–Ignite has four institutional goals: to nurture a covenantal community, to facilitate a convergent learning environment, to create a servant leadership structure, and to maintain a balanced budget operation.


Our goal is to shape LPC–Ignite students into people who pursue God and discover their purpose; pursue knowledge and discover their future; pursue service and discover their community; and pursue missions and discover their world.