Northeast Atlantic District

Fairlawn, VA

All Ministries - Rod Hidalgo 

This is a local internship in one of the churches Ignite students serve in every week. The intern will have a hand in helping with all aspects of Sunday morning ministry, from children to ushering, as well as opportunities with worship and teaching, if the intern desired. The intern will also have opportunity to assist with leadership in the youth group, helping plan activities, teachings, and general discipleship of the youth.There will also be an administrative side of the internship, where the intern will gain experience working in the church office, attending staff meetings and mentoring between church leadership and the intern. This internship is well-rounded and a good fit for any student who desires to work in the local church. 

South Boston, VA

All Ministries - David Berry & Dustin Bramblett

Interns at The Worship Center will be able to choose their personal ministry from the following: Worship ministries, Audio/Visual ministries, Children’s ministries, Youth ministries, or Community Outreach. The interns have the opportunity to work in their area of choice, learning how each ministry works effectively, with hands on ministry experience. Interns will work together as a team, learning leadership and ministry together, as well as learning how to lead alongside others. Interns will be paired with an intern leader, whom they will meet with weekly for discipleship and spiritual growth. 

Wilmington, DE

Urban Ministry - Josh Gregor

Urban Promise is a ministry in downtown Wilmington, working with the local children and youth. This internship will center around ministering to the children and youth in their program, as well as working with the administration office. This will include leading classes at summer camps, day trips, and student activities, such as arts and crafts, sports, dance and more. Interns will have direct interaction with the students and be able to influence the students’ lives in a lasting way. This internship will stretch and grow interns who have a passion for urban ministry and they will gain invaluable experience in urban ministry. 

Camp McPherson, Danville, OH

Youth Ministry/Summer Camp - Della Fonseca

This internship program is designed to equip young adults with a deeper understanding of Christ-centered leadership through the development of professional skills, ministry preparedness, and through relevant, within a Christian camp environment. This occurs through behind-the-scenes work, up-front leadership opportunities, interactions with campers and guests, mentoring relationships, and working alongside an intentional community of staff with a shared purpose and vision. Responsibilities include groundskeeping, kitchen work, maintenance, lifeguarding, ministry opportunities and guest services. There is a stipend and a scholarship to go with this internship. 

Christiansburg, VA

Children's Ministry - LifeLine Church

LifeLine church is a recent church plant in the Christiansburg area. They are looking for an intern to help with their children’s program over the summer, as well as special events. The intern will work with the Children’s Pastor, gaining ministry experience, learning scheduling procedures, curriculum, and engaging with the children on a weekly basis. This internship can be flexible with the time commitment and the stipend and scholarship will be dependent on the time commitment. There also may be opportunities to work with youth, worship, graphic design, small groups, or non-profit groups within the church outreaches. 

Wooster, OH

Children's Ministry - Darin Stambaugh

This is primarily a children’s ministry internship in a small church that will give the intern a great opportunity to experience children’s ministry in a very practical way. It is a hands off internship that will allow the intern to be creative in their role, come up with new ideas for ministry, and learn every aspect of children’s ministry. There is great potential for leadership development and experience in this role for the intern. There is a stipend and scholarship with this internship. 

Grace Capital Church, NH

All Ministries - Mike Koepfer

There are three internships available with Grace Capital Church. There is a children’s program internship in which the intern will have the opportunity to lead Sunday morning classes, see the administrative side of a children’s program, help in leadership triaging, and work directly with the children’s ministry directors. There will be lots of opportunities in this internship to love and teach children, as well as learn how to direct a children’s program. The second internship is a youth internship where the intern would assist the youth leaders with weekly events, outreaches, Bible studies and summer camp as well. The focus will be set on discipling the way Jesus discipled others, combining discipleship with hands on ministry. The third internship will be a media/creative design internship where the intern will work with the churches tech team in perfecting the ministry of sound, visual arts, and creative design. There is a stipend and scholarship with each of these internships. 

Utica, NY

Youth Ministry - Brad Huson

This internship is centered around youth ministry. The intern will be working directly under the head pastor, teaching lessons in the youth services, mentoring and discipling the youth, and planning events and activities. There will also be opportunities for outreach with the youth group over the course of the summer. If the intern has a heart for worship, there will be opportunity to be a part of the worship team over the summer and increase his or her experience in leading worship. There is a stipend and scholarship with this internship. 

Worcester, MA

Youth and Children's Ministry - Bobby Murrieta

This internship consists of a combination of youth and children’s ministries within the church under the current children’s and youth pastors. The intern will also help with summer outreaches for youth and children, helping organize and run outreaches, ministries, and build relationships with the parents, the youth, and the children. The church is also starting a church plant in a nearby town and the intern will have a hand in starting a new church. This is a great opportunity for students interested in church planting and want to experience what a church looks like from the ground up. There is a stipend and scholarship with this internship.  

Amherst, OH

NextGen Ministry - Lesli Klingenmeier

This internship is centered on NextGen ministry, in the local church setting and all throughout the Northeast Atlantic District as well. The intern will learn the administrative side of children and youth ministry and gain hands on ministry experience in Sunday school and other programs, including the youth group. The intern will also help with leadership in the SoulFire Student Discipleship program, a group of high school students passionate for God and wanting to serve and learn through serving at summer camps. The intern will provide leadership to these students and help coordinate different aspects of summer camps. There is housing provided and compensation.