Student Life

Relationships with mentors and friends is what makes the college experience so memorable. Here at LPC–Ignite we want to do more than make lasting memories; we are a family, a community that includes and strengthens one another. You’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself and yet feel like you are needed and valued. The excitement and energy is contagious and the opportunities are numerous when it comes to meeting leaders and mentors.


Everyone will be a part of a gender specific Resident (res) group. As a student you will be able to choose a resident leader who will oversee outreaches, volunteer work, and mentor you and six or seven other people.  Your res team will become your core group where you not only share your heart during devotions, but serve alongside during weekly outreaches and church services.

Every Saturday students will go throughout the community and surrounding cities and volunteer at various outreaches. Some of organizations include Agents on Aging, Feeding America, the Bethany house, and The Roanoke Rescue Missions. From child care, to raking leaves, every week you’ll be serving alongside your res team engaging in our community and learning practical ministry skills along the way. Each res team is assigned a home church where they will serve every other Sunday. The other Sunday the team will have a chance to explore other denominations and form a love for the body of Christ as a whole. Our res teams also meet once a week to simply have fun and spend time with each other. Making bow and arrows to having a spa day the list is endless as long as you can think of creative things to do with your group!

In between classes, homework and outreach we do make time for sports as well and we have intramural basketball teams, as well as soccer, ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. We cater to our artistic crowd by hosting coffee houses a couple times a semester. Students are encouraged to bring their musical talents into the spotlight as well as any poetry or skits as well. Our drama department is developing and those who love to perform we give opportunity for them to show their gifts. The full college experience is what you make it and we encourage students to come in with the attitude to receive all what God has in store for them.