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How to Give

Donate to LPC–Ignite by check

Please send all checks to:

900 Life Dr.

Christiansburg, VA 24073

Donate to LPC–Ignite by PayPal

Please note: PayPal charges a 3.2% + 30¢ fee of every contribution made to specific student accounts. This 3.2% + 30¢ reduction can be avoided by making cash or check payments.


Please note: If your are donating to a specific student for the Student Assistance Fund or Missions Fund, please write their name on a separate note along with the payment.


Giving communities

Recognition of donors and gratitude for their gifts go hand in hand. Donors comprise a community of individuals whose foresight and generosity will forever make a difference in the quality of the experience here at LPC–Ignite.  As we look to the future at our fund development progression, we will be establishing “communities” of donors to adequately and appropriately acknowledge and thank our giving family.

Your Gift Matters!

Like all higher education and Christian academic institutions, LPC–Ignite relies heavily upon the financial support from alumni, parents, and friends to continue its central mission of raising up the next generation of educated, discipled and equipped leaders.  Regardless of your level of involvement with LPC–Ignite, you have a stake in the development of future leadership in God’s kingdom.

The entire LPC–Ignite family wishes to thank our faithful supporters for believing in our vision to raise up leaders for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  Your investment in LPC–Ignite and our students is valued and genuinely appreciated.    

Gift Types

Annual Giving Program  This is an opportunity for donors to make an immediate impact on LPC–Ignite's campus and students.  A wide variety of assets can be used to make outright gifts including cash, securities, matching gifts and life insurance.

Major Gift Contribution  This is an opportunity for donors who wish to make a large gift for a specific purpose or initiative.  This allows donors who wish to work directly with the leadership of LPC–Ignite to help with large projects that align with their goals and heart for giving.

Legacy Gift  Many valuable gifts do not benefit the school until many years after the commitment has been made.  This is an opportunity for donors to provide for LPC–Ignite‘s future through bequests, life income gifts, and other deferred gifts.

What You Can Support

Annual Fund — This giving opportunity raises unrestricted funds for the day to day operations of LPC–Ignite, academic initiatives, and campus improvements.  This fund exists to help bridge the gap between the intentionally low tuition and the actual operating cost of LPC–Ignite.

Student Assistance Fund  This giving opportunity raises funds for student activities to promote “community” on campus. This opportunity helps the enrichment of campus life for our students, as well as increase the overall quality of an LPC–Ignite education and experience.

Missions Fund — This giving opportunity raises funds to help cover LPC–Ignite's operating cost, travel cost, and financial assistance for students involved with national and global missions trips.  Students are required to raise funds for their mission trips, however, as these trips are planned for way in advance, there are always unforeseen expenses that arise.  This fund will help offset those expenses, while also assisting students struggling to raise the full amount.

Scholarship Fund — This giving opportunity raises funds to help students in need of financial assistance to accomplish their academic and ministry training goals.  As the cost of a college education continues to rise across our country, our heart is to provide an excellent academic education at an affordable cost to our students.  You may establish your own named scholarship, add to an existing scholarship or give unrestricted funds to be used for the most significant current needs at the time the gift is received.

Outreach/Ministry Fund — This giving opportunity raises funds to help outreach teams. This includes covering the costs for tools and transportation to enable our students to minister to the community effectively.