May 1st - 18th


This mission trip centers around serving the people and churches of Alaska in very practical ways. The team will help with construction projects, chop firewood to give away, and even includes fishing trips to provide food for people in need. This trip will be physically intense but also very rewarding for students. It is great experience for people who love to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty while serving! This trip is estimated to cost $1500-$2000 for the entirety of the trip. 


The team who goes to Nicaragua will be working very closely with the local church and pastors in Nicaragua. They will learn dramas and perform in church services, as well as have opportunities to lead worship, share testimonies and even preach to the Nicaraguan people. The team will work with Compassion International and visit multiple projects, teaching and playing with the children. There will also be some service projects and opportunities to evangelize. This trip is estimated to cost $2000-$2500. 


This mission trip will involve a lot of opportunities to work with local churches and their pastors. There will be opportunities for giving testimonies, preaching, and some evangelism. There may be service projects involved, such as street cleaning, upkeep of churches, building projects, and painting. There will also be time spent playing with and serving children. The culture of the Caribbean is very diverse and will be a learning experience for everyone on the trip. This trip is estimated to cost $2000-$2500. 


For this trip the team will be working closely with missionaries in Ireland, partnering with them in their outreaches, service projects, and ministries. There will be opportunities for evangelism, hands on service projects, and time to spend with youth and children. These outreaches will look similar to Ignite’s community outreaches, with helping in food banks, ministering to elderly in their houses, and general service projects around different towns. There will be opportunity for some tourism while in Ireland. This trip is estimated to cost $2800-3200.  


While in Kenya, our team will spend much of their time in orphanages and women’s shelters, ministering to children of all ages and women in need of protection. This trip is perfect for people who have a heart for children and for women who have been abused or are in need of help. Most of the children have been in orphanages the majority of their lives and are hungry for the love that our team can show them. There will be great opportunities to minister to and encourage the women in the shelters, as well as preaching and giving testimonies. This trip is estimated to cost $3300-$3700.