Why LPC–Ignite? 

What makes you come alive?  What passion drives you and what dreams are in your heart? God has placed a call on your life which we at LPC–Ignite seek to help make a reality. It is our goal to come alongside you in your journey of discovery to aid and support you in the pursuit of your Life-Mission. Whether you are called into full-time ministry or you simply wish to build a strong foundation of faith from which to launch your next step, LPC–Ignite can help facilitate your dream! LPC–Ignite is a school of Higher Biblical Education which will strengthen your walk with Jesus and equip you with the necessary tools to expand the Kingdom of God successfully.

As an emerging leader you will be immersed in Biblical studies, discipleship, and practical ministry training.  LPC–Ignite offers fully accredited academics with engaging professors who care about both you and your class work. Outreach is the heartbeat of our vision and through local and global missions we nurture a love for the community and the nations.

 As we grow in to a deeper understanding of the heart of Jesus, we also gain a fuller revelation of our own identity and calling. You have a place in the Kingdom! You possess gifts that are greatly valued and necessary, which LPC–Ignite will help you grow and mature. LPC–Ignite will not only give you head knowledge but will test, challenge and strengthen your character, your walk with God, and your relationships with people.  Whether you choose to come to LPC–Ignite for our two year Associate's Degree or you remain with us the full four years and finish with one of our partner colleges, the lessons, friendships and heart transformation you experience will last a lifetime.